My Goals for 2017!

I know, this post probably should have been posted on January 1. But I think it’s almost more important to restate your goals now, a month into the new year as the resolution promises are starting to slip.

What my readers don’t know is the emotional struggles that I am working through. This past fall I was in college, a writer for my campus newspaper and fashion blog, got accepted into a sorority, but I wasn’t happy. This unhappiness kind of overtook my life and here I am, in February, home from college. I was always the planner, the responsible one, so sitting here at home searching for part time retail jobs to fill my day is killing me. Don’t get me wrong, I needed this. I needed to be home with my family, taking time to work through my unhappiness with myself, but its irritating that it’s not instant.

Phew that was long winded and a bit emotional. Sorry about that. But on this cold gloomy day, I wanted to list out for my goals for the remainder of the year. Personally it’s for me, but I thought that if anyone else is going through this, I wanted to let you know you’re not alone and it’s okay to steer off the path for a bit.

Goal #1: Blog consistently.

Writing has always been something I was passionate about. But over the years my confidence has fallen a bit. So practicing and seeing that maybe 5 people will read this might be enough to help me. Plus it’s fun writing for fun about whatever I want with no editors approval.

Goal #2: Work Out Again!

I say again because when I was at college I worked out every day at the gym. But my family doesn’t belong to a gym so I haven’t worked out in so long. If you’re feeling sad, working out is the one thing that puts me in a good mood. Trust me, running on the treadmill for 30 minutes with The Office playing on your phone is the best medicine to a crappy day.

Goal #3: Be more active on social media.

I’ve always been extremely self-conscious. I don’t really post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook because I’m afraid what people think of me. So to fight this self-doubt, I’m going to put myself out there, starting with posting more. I need to realize that “likes” don’t matter. As long as I like the picture, I should share it. (I think I’m going to write a post on what Instagram is doing to us. So stay tuned!)

Goal #4: Read more.

I used to love to read. In middle school and the beginning of high school I was always reading the Twilight saga, Pretty Little Liars, The Hunger Games, basically any hit series. But now I can’t think of a book that I’ve read in years that wasn’t required. So I want to read a book a month! (If you have any suggestions comment them below!)

Goal #5: Get involved in something you’re passionate about.

Right now, I am taking a makeup class to become certified in being a makeup artist for weddings and other special occasions. I’ve always hidden that I love makeup, but for the remainder of the year I’m going to work on things I enjoy. I’m trying to get a job for a makeup retailer so I can make money being around something I love.

We’ve all said 2016 was a terrible year. And to some degree I agree. 2016 knocked me around but I’m determined to come out stronger. 2017 is the year of me. And I hope my readers will take some inspiration and do the same. This year will be what you make of it. So lets go!dsc_1347




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