Where I Get All My Stickers?

I posted this picture to my Instagram last week and was shocked by the response. It easily became my most liked Instagram picture on my account. With companies like Vineyard Vines or Southern Tide including stickers in your orders has made people sticker crazy. I for one am part of the madness as I have a box designated to my sticker collection. I even have deep fears of using my stickers on something that is unimportant or on notebooks I will soon throw away.

Many sent me messages asking ‘where are they from?’ For all those asking, I get my stickers on It’s an artist website where you can find fun and unique shirts, décor and stickers for very inexpensive.


I look on their website at least once a week. My obsession with the TV show One Tree Hill prompted me to order a pillow for my dorm room to display my love and even some Brooke Davis’s Clothes Over Bros tees.

Their stickers are pretty-inexpensive at $3.00 each, but if you order at least 6 you get 50% off your order. Which only fuels my problem.

So, if you’re looking for fun gifts for someone or some fun stickers to put on your laptop, check out Redbubble.

Anyone else understand my sticker obsession? I hope so. My mom thinks I’m crazy.




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