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My Current Obsessions!


As we get closer to Spring, I’d thought I’d share what my internet searches have been recently!

  1. Off the Shoulder Tops– I love the feminine vibe it gives while being elegant yet fun. Great for date nights or days when you want to look a little more flirty.
  2. Glossy Lips– The matte liquid lipstick trend is great, but drying. I’ve been going back to my lip glosses recently and love my Buxom glosses. I’ve definitely looking into getting more colors.
  3. Pom Pom Sandals– What’s warm weather without sandals? And pom pom ones are a must. I just ordered ones from Target that I cannot wait to rock with some shorts or a casual dress.
  4. Gilmore Girls– The show I’ve been binge watching on Netflix. I have a deep personal connection with Rory Gilmore and would love to live in Starshollow! If you saw my instagram post, I recently got a Luke’s coffee mug. Coffee at Lukes- Life dream complete!
  5. Candles– I love burning candles in my room when I’m working on my blog, cleaning or even watching TV. I love this one from Target in the scene Island Moonlight. If you’ve ever smelled the famous blue candle from Anthropologie or Altard State, this one is the same scent for a lot cheaper.




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