Unboxing My February Sephora Play Box

I’m a sucker for makeup subscription boxes. I was subscribed to Ipsy for almost two years before switching over to the Sephora Play box. If you don’t know, the Play box is $10 a month and includes 5 beauty products and a perfume sample each month. Everything inside can be found at Sephora and it even comes with a card for an additional 50 points to your rewards account. So basically it’s free!

This month’s box theme was “The Soft Side,” a tribute to pinks and Valentine’s Day. The pink silk bag felt luxurious with the word smitten printed on the bottom.

The first item I pulled out was the Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume. Now I like sweet and floral scents, but this one to me just wasn’t cutting it. To be honest it smelled like an old lady. Not exactly ideal scent for a 19 year old.


Next out of the bag was a mini mascara by Sephora brand. It is way smaller than any other mascara sample I’ve tried, which makes me wonder why one of the cheapest brands in the store has such tiny samples. But the website says this travel size retails for $7 which is a good value for the box. Maybe it’s just this drugstore mascara girl but this tiny sample is not worth $7.


As always, there are two skin care items in the bag. Origins GinZing eye cream sample was included that claims to brighten and depuff your under eye. Upon swatching it on my hand, I could see the sheen it provided and I can’t wait to see the results of using this product.


The second skin care item was the Clinque pep-start hydroblur moisturizer. Basically a lotion. My skin is pretty oily, which I’m pretty sure I mentioned in my Play Box profile, so I’ll be passing this guy alone to my mom.


The fifth item really excited me. It was a Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Bound. This beautiful mauve-pink color is something I would wear every day, and I appreciate such a high end brand in the box.


The final item was a fail. The Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy lip-gloss claims to plump your lips and provide a “juicy color.” Sounds great and all, but about two minutes after applying I ran to the bathroom to wipe it off. Dang this stuff burns. I’ve tried other lip plumping glosses before, but never had I used one that hurt so bad. My mom tried it too and she had the same discomfort. So I’ll probably keep this in my collection for a bit then eventually throw it out, which stinks because I was so excited for it.


Alright y’all that was my February Sephora Play box. Wasn’t one of my favorite months considering the Too Faced gloss, but I’d say it was worth the money. Defiantly check out the Sephora Play box, I totally recommend it over Ipsy or Burchbox. I’ll link it down below!

Did we get the same products? Let me know!



Use the link below to sign up or purchase the full-size items in this month box!


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