What’s on My Playlist? / Songs I’ve been Obsessed With!

I’m always listening to music whether it be in my car, in the shower, or when I work out (which is rare).

This girl loves country music, but I also love anything that falls into the current hits category. I know I’m pretty basic.

My free time is spent creating new playlists for each season and I’m always adding new songs. The one I’m working on now is my “New Beginnings” playlist. If you want to know the backstory to its name, checkout My 2017 Goals post.


  1. Yesterday’s Song – Hunter Hayes

I love Hunter Hayes! He’s such a cutie and his songs are really catchy. His songs about girls and love make him country’s  own Justin Bieber. It’s pretty much every girl’s dream to be loved by Hunter. He also released two other songs “Amen” and “Young Blood” that I absolutely adore. Needless to say, he’s all over my playlist.

  1. Road Less Traveled – Lauren Alaina

This song is basically an anthem about loving yourself and self-acceptance. Something that I defiantly need to work on. Fun fact, Meghan Trainer actually cowrote this song along with Lauren!

  1. Paris – Chainsmokers

We all belted their song “Closer” and now another Chainsmokers song is climbing the charts. I love this song for the beat and I can see it being the new “it” song for the spring.

  1. Brett Elderage

I love, love Brett Elderage. Basically any song by him (my favs are “Drunk on Your Love,” “I Want to be That Song”). This summer he’s going on tour with my other love Luke Bryan. You better bet I’ll be there! Brett’s songs are just those typical county songs that make girls go crazy.

  1. No Problems – Chance the Rapper

I know right, this one is a little different from all the others I’ve talked about, but I can’t help but love it. This song is the epitome of a college frat party and this song never fails to make me want to dance.

Checkout my Spotify below or comment what other songs you think I’d like!




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