Get Fit for Spring Break! My Workout Routine



Yes, it’s almost March! That means goodbye winter and hello spring break! Now I personally don’t have any exciting plans for spring break, but I at least want to get a jump start on looking good for the summer. Here is my fitness routine for getting in shape for those bikinis!

  1. Cardio

I’m usually an elliptical kind of girl. Running is not my forte. If I’m at the gym I typically do 3 miles on the elliptical while watching Vampire Dairies on Netflix, but recently Missouri has decided to have 70 degree weather in February so I’ve actually been running outside. (Yes, it’s hard to believe.)

Now I am nowhere near fast, and I can’t run long distances either. I use this app called MapMyRun by Under Armor to track my running and tell me my distance and speed. Which is actually helpful! I usually run a mile from home (with a couple walking breaks) and then run back.

I totally recommend this for new runners because it keeps you on track and even tells you how many calories you burned.

  1. Core

I was a dancer for over 15 years which involved a lot of abs. I had such a strong core when I danced that I still do those exercises today. Now you don’t need to be a ballerina to do these. You just need a yoga mat and a spot on the floor.13406752_10209924701780401_4567428887519506668_n.jpg

I start off with about 100 crunches to warm up, about 30 leg rises and scissor kicks do a 1 minute plank, and 45 second side planks. I find this targets my lower stomach which is where my insecurities are and helps tighten it up.

But I also switch it up and look up Blogolates videos on YouTube. If you’re bored or stumped on what to do, look her up. She has videos for all areas of your body and she’s so positive and fun.

  1. Legs

Again, as a dancer we had a leg warm up that killed me every time. So, I still do it. I basically go down in squat position and pulse up and down for a couple minutes. I’ll add relives (which look it up if you’re not a dancer) and then I hold it. It really does give results.

I also like to keep my calves toned so I do releves in first, second and fifth positions. (Check out the graphic below where I show you what the heck that means!) I’ll do 32 of each and hold it at the end. This is the warm up for any pointe dancer, and have you seen their legs?


  1. Arms

I’m really not into arms honestly, so I can’t offer advice. At the gym I’ll use a couple arm machines, but I’m not interested in bulking up so I typically skip it.

And that’s it! I really don’t do intense workouts. I’m just looking to tone by body not gain muscle. Hopefully this all makes sense, it’s hard to explain workouts in writing. But if you take my advice and add healthy eating, I know you’ll look awesome for spring break!




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