A Letter to Lilly Pulitzer / Issues with Lilly for Starbucks / A Quick Rant

Dear Lilly Pulitzer,

Don’t take this the wrong way. I love your brand and am obsessed with your designs, but I have some concerns.

I think many other people would agree that the launches with Lilly for Target and Lilly for Starbucks were a bit of a fail. I understand it being an exclusive with limited quantities, but I wish you had set some restrictions.

At the Lilly for Target launch I was sickened. I got there early, but everything was already gone. It was only couple people who snatched up everything, only to sell it on Ebay later on for triple the price. Luckily, two weeks after the launch I managed to get the Lilly for Target jumpsuit as it was returned as “damaged.” I consider myself fortunate to find at least one item and even getting it discounted, but I speak for the others that the greediness of people hurt the fun.

I was optimistic that it wouldn’t happen again with the Swell bottles. Lilly had learned their lesson. But I was wrong.

Again I woke up at 6 a.m. to get to my local Starbucks, but much to my surprise, it was already sold out. Some locations near me had put the merchandise out days early, others sold it from the stock room when people asked. I called every location, and was laughed at as I was one of hundreds calling. That night, I read a comment on one of your Instagram photos that “the one lady in front of me waiting for my Starbucks to open, walked in and bought all of the swell bottles. Just to resell them later.” That statement sickens me. One person ruined it for everyone. How with your success not set limits on this?


When I heard that the Swell bottles would be stocked on on Feb. 28, I was excited. I woke up at 5 am right when they were released, eagerly added one to my cart and hit check out. Yes, I finally had one! But as I hit submit my order, the site crashed. And my Lilly swell was gone.

So Lilly Pulitzer, you know how beloved your brand is. It takes two hours to get online to the After Party Sale, but yet crashed in minutes due to the high volume. A majority of the products were bought to be resold. I feel as though this could have been prevented.
My request: Limit the amount of product people can buy. Don’t let those few ruin the excitement for all of us. Because I could go on Ebay and spend $100 on the swell bottle, but then I’d be giving into those people. And as a broke college student, I don’t have time or the means for that.

As much as these launches disappointed me, I know I won’t stop wearing your brand. Those colorful patterns get me every time. I’d just ask you prepare more and set restrictions for your next exclusive launch.




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