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The Truth About College Dorms / Ten Tips / The College Reality

The high school seniors are probably thrilled about moving out, having their own place. New bedding, and pillows can be great and I don’t want to put a damper on the excitement, but here are 10 things that you might not think about when planning your college dorm room.


  1. Your Roommate

As much as you think you’ve found the perfect roommate on Facebook, chances are that you won’t be best friends. My roommate first semester was perfectly nice, but we were always on two different schedules. While she liked to stay out late on the weekends, I went to bed early. And when I studied late at night, I’d feel bad leaving the lights on when she was trying to sleep.

Though this can’t really be avoided, bringing a desk lamp will help with the bright lights and different sleeping schedules. Also my roommate lofted her bed all the way up so we each had our own privacy at night.

It’s great that you want to be best friends with your roommate, but the most important thing is to peacefully be able to live together. Try to find someone with the same sleeping patterns as you, ask if they plan to go out a lot, will a boyfriend be visiting. Better to know up front then be fighting in the middle of the semester.

  1. Air Conditioning

If you have the choice to pick a dorm with AC, do it. My dorm had no AC and 90 degrees on the top floor of a building made it extremely miserable. No matter how many fans you buy, it will never feel cool and you just feel gross all the time. My college had the option of getting a doctor’s note for an AC unit. So defiantly take advantage if that’s an option. Some schools will provide units if you have allergies. So yes, I am telling you to lie if need be.

I wanted the “social dorm” that had no AC. In reality, I would of been way happier and more comfortable in the other newer dorms. So ask anyone you know about what each of the dorms are like on campus to find the right balance of a social dorm with amenities.

  1. Sharing Showers

My dorm was a community style bathroom, meaning I carried a shower caddy every time I went to shower or brush my teeth. Not that this is entirely bad, it can just be awkward at times walking to or from the shower in a towel and running into people (especially boys) walking through the halls.

Also, buy cheap flip flops to wear in the shower. There were people on my floor who never wore shoes in the shower and that is disgusting. Even if they’re cleaned every morning, you never know what’s on those floors.

Just another side note, it is so hard to shave your legs in the small dorm showers. So you might have to grow accustomed to hairy legs, just saying.

  1. Cleaning Products

No matter what, you will get sick in college. Living in tight quarters and all the germs will cause the college plague. I luckily didn’t get too sick, unlike my roommate. I used Lysol and disinfectant wipes a few times a week on the door knobs, my computer, desk, closet doors, in the air, basically everywhere. And I think that’s what helped me stay healthy.

  1. Invest in a Good Mattress Pad

Dorm beds are old and uncomfortable. My mom bought this super thick mattress pad at Costco and it made my bed at school even more comfortable than my one at home! My roommate always complained about her bed, so investing in a nice one can make a difference in sleeping through the night.

  1. Wall Decorations

Even with new bedding and colorful pillows, a dorm room still feels depressing. Bring as many decorations you can to cover up the beige walls. A tapestry or flag would cover a lot of area, but I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of frames, painted them and put pictures and artwork inside them. It added a bright pop of color, cheerfulness and a reminder of my friends and family at home.


  1. Command Strips, Command Strips

All I’m going to say is buy way more than you think you’ll need, cause you’ll use them. You might get more wall decorations or things might fall, so having extras in your desk is a must.

  1. Fire Alarms

Ugh nothing is worse than being in the shower or asleep and having the fire alarm go off. It goes off way more than you think, whether someone burnt something in the kitchen or lit a candle (which is not allowed in dorms), you’ll defiantly have those times where you are forced to walk down seven flights of stairs in pajamas freezing your butt off.

  1. Bring a TV

Even if you think you’ll be fine watching Netflix on your computer, still bring a TV. I didn’t have one first semester and I missed watching HGTV and the news at night. And when you’re alone in your room, and it’s nice to have some background noise to not feel so lonely.

  1. Keep Your Door Open

The first couple months, keep your door open so your neighbors will see you as they walk down the halls. It’s a great way to meet people. You can buy a doorstop or use a textbook, just remember to say hi and be friendly.


I hope these tips helped you all! Comment down below for requests for any more college related posts.




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