Preppy Style for Less / How I Get Lilly Pulitzer on Sale / Prep for Less

I think the “preppy” style gets a bad rap for being basic, and expensive brands. I can’t help with being called a basic girl, but I can share my shopping secrets with you all.

 I almost never buy anything unless it’s on sale, which is tough since brands like Lilly Pulitzer and J Crew are so darn expensive. Here’s how I dress “preppy” for less!

  1. J Crew Factory

Every girl with a classic style idolizes J Crew. Perfect button downs and adorable chino shorts, how could you not? But a store that isn’t highlighted much is their outlet line called J Crew Factory. I am fortunate enough to live by two outlet malls with J Crew Factory, but they also have a website with just as amazing deals as the stores. It’s how I’ve bought all my chino shorts and vests and I’ve never paid full price. Ever. They run sales all the time where you can get an additional 40-50% off. Awesome right!? Check them out here!

I pretty much live in J Crew chinos over the summer, and i can get them at the outlet for sometimes less than $20. The quality is still great and will last for years. I paired it with my Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt since it’s just not quite warm yet.

  1. Marshalls & T.J. Maxx

I’m actually not much of a Marshalls shopper, but the rumors of girls finding Lilly Pulitzer sent me straight to my four nearest Marshalls and T.J. Maxx stores. And success! I found two Lilly tops  and a pair of Jack Rogers sandals. I had no idea that they would have the brands I love. And if you love Ralph Lauren, they have a lot of that too. Only problem is the products vary by location, so run to your nearest store!


The Lilly Pulitzer top I found at Marshalls for $50 just this week, and the purse is from Kate Spade Outlet (another place to score amazing deals, just look how cute the scallops are!)

  1. The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Twice a year, Lilly runs the “After Party Sale,” basically the sale of the century where you can get about 60% off. All but one of my Lilly dresses have come from this sale, and I got each of them for about $80 each, while the full price was almost $200. The sale runs for two days in August, and in again January.

  1. Visit a Lilly Pulitzer Store or Lilly Specialty Store

I’m lucky enough that my grandma and aunt both work at a Lilly Pulitzer specialty store and can get discounts for me. But what you might not realize in Lilly Pulitzer stores is they have sales racks. You don’t have to wait until the After Party Sale online to get a discount!

  1. Target/ Old Navy

These are my new favorite Target sandals that I can’t wait to wear all summer long.
I love Target clothes and shoes because they basically dupe what’s in style. Luckily for me the preppy style has been in, so you can find cute dresses and shoes for $20.

  1. Save, Save, Save

With the classic preppy look, outfits never go out of style. So investing in a $100 dress or $50 top will pay off as it will always be in style. And your future daughter will thank you for the vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses.

Happy Shopping!




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