My Thoughts The Bachelor / Dear ABC / A Quick Rant

(If you haven’t seen my Dear __ letter series, it’s a post dedicated to my thoughts on a topic. I also call them a quick rant. My Letter to Lilly Pulitzer was such a hit, I thought I’d write a letter to ABC on my opinion of this season of The Bachelor)

Dear ABC,

I’ve been a Bachelor fan for many years. I’ve been there though the tears, two on ones, and far too many glasses of champagne to count. To me, the New Year is the start of Bachelor season! (Bachelor season definition: The eight months of the year with the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise).

I had just watched Nick on Bachelor in Paradise and wasn’t too fond of him already. He seemed nice, but he was basically living his life on reality TV. Like dude it didn’t work twice before already, get a real job!

You can guess I was disappointed when he was named the bachelor. And you would be right. But honestly, I was just glad it wasn’t Robbie, Jo Jo’s runner up. His plastic hair and Ken doll like appearance creeped me out.

Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth


I recently found out that it was Luke, the country boy who placed fourth in Jo Jo’s season, who was supposed to be the bachelor. ABC must of had a sudden change of heart, or just wanted to finally get rid of Nick. Such a disappointment. What American girl doesn’t love a country boy?

As the season began, I wanted to give Nick the benefit of the doubt. Every Monday I tuned in, watched his relationships grow, but I never felt invested. Prior seasons, I could always see the chemistry between the couples. But with Nick, none of the girls seemed click.

I didn’t really have a favorite because I didn’t like him with any of the girls. I personally loved Raven, Danielle M, and of course Corinne, but felt all of them deserved better. I know, I feel so mean. Who am I to judge as I sit on my couch in suburban Missouri, single, eating ice cream by the pint?

The weeks all seemed to blur together. ABC had too many “to be continued” episodes, and suddenly we were already down to the final four women. Where did everyone go? I wondered.

Corinne was probably the only reason I kept the slightest bit of interest. Someone please give this girl her own reality show! Her humor gave the show some light, and meeting Raquel in hometowns was the highlight of the whole season.

I was rooting for Raven in the finale, maybe her fun-loving personality would be just what Nick needs in his post reality TV life. Vanessa just seemed too tough and negative. I knew in my heart though that Vanessa would win. That and Jimmy Kimmel’s predictions, and he’s never wrong.

Nick Viall posted this selfie on Instagram shortly after the finale aired on ABC.

Sadly, I’m glad this season is over. I think after Ben Higgins as the last bachelor, I had too high of expectations. Nick’s just a guy who wants to be famous and doesn’t seem to know the concept of Tinder, or another way of meeting women.

Nick, I sincerely hope you and Vanessa are very happy together. Because frankly, I can’t watch another season of you. But your reality TV days aren’t over yet as you know head on to Dancing with the Stars. I don’t know if I wish you luck on that.




One thought on “My Thoughts The Bachelor / Dear ABC / A Quick Rant

  1. This was literally me. I feel like Nick thinks he is a good person but comes off as very fake. The whole time I just wanted to watch Ben’s season again.


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