The Truth About College Parties

As a girl who didn’t go to parties much (or at all) in high school, my first semester of freshman year was a huge wakeup call. I learned quickly that I was not prepared for the college going out scene, and was scared into staying in my dorm room on the weekends.

From what I know now, I wish I could go back and change some things. But my past has shaped me into who I am today, so I’ll be your big sister here and share my words of wisdom of surviving college parties.


Go Out with a Small Group of Friends

I suggest going out with three to five friends and make a pact to stick together the whole night. Smaller groups make it easier to keep track of everyone. And don’t let one go off with a guy, or walk back to the dorm alone. Sadly in this society it’s not safe for college girls to be alone at night, so stick together.

Pro Tip: share your location on your phone with the group in case you get separated, or do decide to go home early. It’s just an extra source of protection. Most campuses also have Uber or a car service that will take you home.

You’re Not the Only One Uncomfortable

You’re not the only freshman who hasn’t gone to a party before. Even though it seems like it. Going out for the first time is awkward and scary, and takes some adjustment.

But Not Everyone Parties

I hardly went out first semester, and I wasn’t the only one. It was hard thinking I was the only one sitting in my dorm on a Friday night. But one night the fire alarm went off at 11 p.m. and as we all ran down the stairs in our pajamas with our laptops clutched in our hands, it was such a relief to see that many other girls stayed in too. There are so many other things to do on campus on the weekends, but it can honestly be hard to meet people who stay in on the weekends.

Going Out Attire

Every campus is different, but if I were to suggest some staples, I would get a pair of black jeans, a crop top or body suit, or anything with the lace up trend. That will get you through the first couple weekends until you know what the campus dress code is. Pro Tip: It’s always extremely hot at parties cause of all the people, even in the winter.

That One Frat

On every campus, there is that one fraternity that the freshmen are warned about. Don’t laugh it off, and never take a drink you didn’t see poured. Alcohol increases stupidity.

Don’t Wear Your Favorite Shoes

If you decide to go out, don’t wear your cute new shoes. That means no white converse, or cute black booties. Even if you’re not drinking, the fraternity floors are nasty and someone almost always spills right where you step. Buy an inexpensive pair of shoes from Target or Forever 21 that are cute, but you won’t be mad if get ruined. Just toss them out at the end of the year.

You Don’t Need to Drink to Go Out

You can just go out sober, which is what I always did, and have just as much fun. Not everyone is drinking. Going out is just about dancing with your friends, meeting new people, and having an adventure. Alcohol is not required.

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