Affordable Dupe for Becca Cosmetics Highlighters / Dupe for Moonstone & Champagne Pop

The cult favorite of YouTube, and Sephora bestsellers are the Becca highlighters. I’ve bit the expensive bullet twice now and purchased the shades Moonstone and Champaign Pop. *A moment of silence for my poor wallet* But I do not regret purchasing as they are beautiful and add the perfect glow to the skin.

I could say just run out and buy them yourself, but that wouldn’t fit the purpose of this blog post would it?


Fear not my frugal readers, I have found a dupe that will save you over $60! Yes, $60 is correct.

I came across this dupe completely by accident. Ulta’s had the Pur Elevation palette as one of their Black Friday deals. It was so inexpensive I immediately dropped it into my shopping bag.

I know Black Friday is long gone, but it only took one google search to find the product is still available on Pur Cosmetics’ website. For *wait for it* only $15!


The Pur Cosmetics Evolution palette includes three different highlighting shades. They are same amazing quality and swatch identical as Becca’s Moonstone and Champaign Pop.

Becca’s Moonstone is on the left and Pur’s Boost on the right.

Becca’s Champaign Pop is on the left and Pur’s Upgrade is on the right.

The Pur palette comes with the same ounces of product as a full size Becca highlight. It’s third shade, Altitude, appears similar to Becca’s Pearl (but I don’t own that shade)

Becca highlight in Moonstone.
Becca highlight duo in Champagne Pop with Flowerchild blush.

If you were planning on investing in a Becca highlight, totally recommend trying the Pur Elevation palette first. One Becca highlight will cost you $38 when you could get three for $15.

Defiantly budget friendly without having to compromise on quality!

Pick up the Pur Elevation here!




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