Lilly Pulitzer New Spring 2017 Arrivals

Lilly Pulitzer has been killing it with the new arrivals this past month. It’s hard not to want everything when scrolling through their Instagram.

I had the opportunity to try on their new pieces at Country Classics, a Lilly Pulitzer signature store in Glenview, Illinois. I think they might have more Lilly than an actual Lilly Pulitzer store. Shoutout to my aunt (Hi Debby!) for dressing me!

And now onto the Lilly fashion show


Lilly is defiantly dipping its toes into what’s trendy. This Cassa shift dress has a plunging V-neck on the both the front and back with a blue bandeau peaking through.

Love Lilly’s attempt, but this dress I’d pass on because I was too afraid of my boobs showing underneath the bandeau. It’s just a tad too short for me personally.

P.S. The bandeau looks more of a sky blue on the website while in person it was more of a royal blue.


What’s a Lilly new arrival without a classic shift dress. This is the Gabby shift in a beautiful multicolored print but the white embroidery adds a bit of sophistication to the outfit. Perfect for graduations, Easter, or just a day you’re feeling fancy.

You can never go wrong with a shift dress, it somehow looks flattering on everyone. That’s just the magic of Lilly I guess.


I love the simplicity and daintiness of an off the shoulder top. This one is soft and light weight, but is a bit sheer in the midsection. (Don’t worry though, its completely covered on the top.)

Best part about this top is it’s only $58. Which I know is a lot, but for this brand it’s a steal.


Another beautiful shift dress, only this one has a pop of pink embroidery! My aunt added these gold Lilly sandals to complete the look. It’s a bit longer than the Gabby shift dress I showed above, but still gorgeous.


Simple yet stunning. Everyone at the store was calling this navy number the Cleopatra dress.

Navy is my absolute favorite color of clothing to wear, and paired with the same gold sandals and matching clutch pull it all together. Do you see the little pineapple on the clutch, too cute!


I can bet you $50 that over the summer I probably wear Lilly printed shorts three to four times a week. I may have to add these Walsh shorts to my collection. They match perfectly with this Essie top. It’s even how it’s styled on the Lilly Pulitzer website, so basically you have to have both.


I’m obsessed with anything tassels and my mouth hit the floor with this dress. Sadly, it’s baggy shape wasn’t my favorite on, but those tassels are just too cute.

But doesn’t this pattern remind you of the Lilly for Target green leaf print? Hmm Lilly, did you think of that? Or did I outsmart ya.


No you’re not seeing double, it’s the same La Fortune Top in pink. Paired with this adorable skort, it looks dressy while being comfortable. Who knew Lilly even made skorts? What a throwback to my elementary school style.


I love all the colors in this t-shirt dress! It’s comfortable, yet presentable. The Tammy dress claims to provide UPF 50+, which I don’t get how or why it’s even desired, but I guess you won’t have to worry about sun screen.

What have you bought for the new arrivals? Everything is defiantly on my wish list.




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