Get the Look for Less: J. Crew vs Old Navy

Ah yes J. Crew, every classic girls favorite store. With their perfect striped tops, colorful chinos and effortless dresses, the only thing stopping us is their big old price tag.

Fear not, after a day of shopping I realized the similarities between J. Crew’s new spring arrivals with none other than Old Navy. Check out my finds to get the same looks for over half the price! (J Crew’s line will be on the left, Old Navy on the right.)

Off the Shoulder Chambray Dress

Almost everything this season is off the shoulder. From tops to dresses, every brand is getting in on the trend. While the shade of blue is a bit different, the overall look is still the same. Perfect for those hot summer days when pants and sleeves are just too much.

J. Crew $88 / Old Navy $40

Floral Off the Shoulder Tops

No two floral tops are alike, but these two are pretty close. Once again the off the shoulder trend continues with these floral beauties. Perfectly feminine and shows off those collar bones.

J. Crew $80 / Old Navy $40

Chino Shorts

Both brands call these their chino shorts. Each with a huge color selection that will match any top. I don’t know about you but I can’t tell the difference between the two, so I’ll be buying the cheaper ones.

J. Crew $45 / Old Navy $25

Graphic Tees

Whether you want fancy French words or not, one graphic tee shouldn’t cost $36! I needed this “pardon my French” tee in high school when I apologized to my French teacher daily for my failing grade.

J. Crew $36.50 / Old Navy $11

Swim Suits

Ironically, both brands titled these prints “Palm Leafs.” Though not identical, I’d say they’re  pretty darn close and will give off the same effect.

J. Crew $96 (Top & Bottom) / Old Navy $49.88 (Top & Bottom)

I love a good halter swim top that keeps you secure, and free to cannon ball into the pool. Both tops have a lace up back which is both on trend and adorable.

J. Crew $52 / Old Navy $24.94

Another Off the Shoulder Top

It’s only a $7 difference, but hey that’s an extra trip to Starbucks.

J. Crew $27 / Old Navy $20

Comment down below what your favorite spring trend is?




2 thoughts on “Get the Look for Less: J. Crew vs Old Navy

  1. LOVE this post! This is such a great idea and you picked some awesome dupes. I love J. Crew but the prices always have me questioning if I actually want to buy things…I hardly ever shop at Old Navy but I’ll be changing that now! Thanks for the ideas.

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  2. great post! i definitely agree that old navy is the place to go especially for non-permanent clothes that i possible won’t wear by the time the season is over xoxo kate wins! (

    Liked by 1 person

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