I’m a Certified Makeup Artist!

Twelve weeks ago, I started taking classes with Emily Miller Makeup to become a certified makeup artist. In those 12 weeks I learned about skin tones, eye shape, airbrush, and the trick to putting on fake lashes. Only once did I glue someone’s eye shut, pretty big accomplishment!

Never did I think that this class would teach me about myself. I feel more confident and capable of creating something great that I am proud to share.

My “final” was to create different looks. So, here are my four beautiful models! Each has been airbrushed, and is wearing a pair of the Kiss 03 lashes for an extra pop.


Molly has very fair skin, so I airbrushed and lightly bronzed her skin with the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. I then added a light blush to give her a slight flush.

Her eyes were the star of the show, with the red making her blue eyes pop. All the shadows came from the new Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, full of beautiful rose tones. The brown/mauve lip was neutral yet added color that matched the eyeshadow.

This isn’t an everyday look by any means, but would be a fun look for prom, a wedding, or your next special event!


Alyssa preferred brown eyeshadow tones, so with her I created a light smokey eye that would be wearable the rest of the day since she was heading to work after. I topped off her look with Mac’s Twig, one of their most popular lipstick shades, to keep the look glamorous but still wearable. I think this fresh look is perfect for brides, senior photos, or prom.


My mother is a saint and was my model two separate times. This was my favorite look. I kept her eyes shimmery and light with brown and gold tones from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Her hooded eye shape looks best with a lighter eye shadow with a shimmery lid, and minimal brown eyeliner. A great look for corporate shoots, and everyday.


With my last model Lauren, I didn’t have a set plan. I ended up using the same Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette do create a darker brown eye with a light cream on the lid. Her large circular eye shape gave me a lot of space to work with. Because her eyes were so neutral, I added a brighter pink lip called Rebellious Rose from Estee Lauder that popped against her tan complexion.

I wanted to thank both Emily Miller for all her time and effort in helping me become a better artist, to my mom for encouraging me to take this class, and of course my models.

I never thought makeup would be apart of my future, but as I realize I enjoy it so much I am defiantly considering it. So, if you are looking for a makeup artist for your next special event, feel free to email me!




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