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What to Ask Your Potential College Roommate!

The process of finding a college roommate these days is worse than finding a boyfriend. Class Facebook pages are the way of connecting with future students from across the country. Take it from my experience, you rewrite that five sentence paragraph multiple times before posting it, to be perceived as fun yet studious to attract the most responses. Beyond just the quick bio, your Facebook that you haven’t touched since seventh grade now has to have pictures of your life so everyone wants to live with you. It’s all a game.

But as you’re talking to your potential roommate, it’s important to consider not just what their favorite TV show is, but their lifestyle. And the same goes for you. It’s great that they also played soccer and love The Office, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good match. Isn’t that why you didn’t want to live with one of your high school friends? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the same interests, you just have to be able to share a 8 x 8 room together.


Questions to Ask Your Potential Roommate

1. Do you have a boyfriend? And will they be visiting?

2. How messy would you say you are?

3. What clubs/ organizations are you joining?

4. Will you be going through sorority recruitment?

5. Do you plan on going out? How often?

6. Are you a night or morning person?

7. If they’re in state and you’re not: Will you be going home often?

Definitely, ask these questions before you commit to ensure a better year!





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