Girl Struggles: Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

It’s a known fact that one of the hardest tasks a woman can endure is shopping for clothes. Finding something that fits your specific body type: complete with curves, long legs, and chest size. At the young age of 19, I’ve already faced the struggles that is the women’s clothing section, especially when it comes to swimsuits.

At 5’8, I am slightly above average height. My long legs make finding pants and leggings next to impossible, and avoiding the dryer is an absolute must. I would say I have a larger chest. But with my band size being smaller, it makes finding swim suit tops extremely difficult. The cup and band sizes never quite match up. One always ends up being too small, no matter what size I grab.  And now that Victoria Secret discontinued their swimsuit line, (still bitter about it) I’ve been left with no real store to find cute, great fitting swimsuits that are a reasonable price.

In high school, swimsuits were much simpler. Target had an array of style and prints that fit perfectly. But now as an “adult” (hahaha) I find that no bikini top ever fits right. Those triangle suits that worked when you were 17 will no longer flatter your body or even stay up. So it’s time to find something new.Girl Struggles_ Finding a Swimsuit.jpg



Wandering into the outlets on Memorial Day weekend. I didn’t expect to find anything. The place was a zoo with a three-mile line to the dressing rooms. But I found this navy tie dye bikini top. Though my size was somewhere in between a medium and large, the medium worked well enough that it would stay up and have enough support without too much cleavage. Plus, the cut outs on the back make it trendy and can give you some cool tanlines.

Shop Here!

As a preppy girl, I love J. Crew. I’m an avid shopper at J. Crew Factory, where the same items are much cheaper for this college girl. I bought the French Bikini at J. Crew Factory last summer and it has easily become my favorite suit. A size medium fits perfectly, and comes in so many cute prints. And at $25, they aren’t much more than ones you’d find at Target and are great quality for your money.


Shop Here!

I’m still looking for the “perfect” suit. But with every woman having a different body type, it’s next to impossible to find the right fit. These two are great starts, but I’ll defiantly have to pick up a few more before my trip to Florida next month.

Where do you find swimsuits? Comment them below!




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