Travel Diary: A Day in Chicago

Since moving back to Chicago, I hadn’t had the chance to take advantage of the city. But when my two best friends came to visit me, I knew I had to take them downtown. Though I’m now a “local” I still am no city expert. We defiantly got lost countless times, (even though we used Google Maps), our feet were destroyed with blisters, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

Taking the Train

​An amazing perk of living in the suburbs is the metra train. We got up “early”, ended up missing the earlier train and instead ended up at Starbucks getting some much needed caffeine. Taking the train is much easier than driving downtown. For starters, I can’t get lost, and there’s no issue with finding parking.


Water Taxi

Once we reached the station, we got off and headed to the water taxi to take us to Michigan Avenue to do some shopping. I highly recommend taking the water taxi as it is only $5 and you get a great tour of the city.



Shopping on Michigan Avenue

You can find every store imaginable on Michigan Avenue. From Burberry to Forever 21, there’s something for everyone’s wallet. First stop was Walgreens, to pick up band aids for my already blistered feet. PRO TIP: Never wear Jack Rogers downtown! Next it was time to tackle the two story Forever 21, which was the most organized one I had ever been to. We stopped Dylan’s Candy Bar and the famous Garetts Popcorn for some treats and walked through Gharadeli’s just to get the free sample. Sephora and Marshalls were next on the list before we made the long walk to Navy Pier.


Exploring Navy Pier


​Despite how short the walk looks on Google Maps, always take an Uber. We made the one mile walk to the pier and immediately stopped for lunch at America’s dog. Once our stomach’s were full we did what any basic teenager would do. Take Instagram pictures. Navy Pier is the place for cute pictures, with both the Chicago skyline, ferris wheel, and boats to pose with. (Little self- promo but y’all should follow me on Instagram @apreppybrunette)


Photos at Grant Park

After we were satisfied with our pictures, we took an Uber (use my code sarah010555ui for a discount!) to Grant Park, home of the bean! And as tourists, we of course had to take a few (hundred) photos.


Then it was back to the train to head home. I had such a fun day exploring the city with my best friends. I’m defiantly a city gal and love exploring everything Chicago had to offer.


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