Travel Diary- Seaside, Florida / What to Do in Seaside Florida

Every summer my family takes a vacation to the beaches of 30A on the Florida panhandle. Complete with white sandy beaches, turquoise water and southern hospitality, it is easily my favorite place to be.

Road to Florida:

Unfortunately, I live a long 15-hour drive away from the beach. So on the way down my family stopped halfway in Nashville, Tennessee. As an avid country music fanatic, I was so excited to see the home of country music. I recommend waiting till 21 to visit, since you can’t get into many places underage, myself included.

With less than 12 hours in the city, not much could be done. But being tourists we went down Broadway, which I would describe like Hollywood, CA. There you can find bars with live music, the Predators stadium and lots of shops. Nashville is a rapidly expanding city (100 people move their everyday!), so the streets were packed, and restaurants had two hour waits. With so little time to spend, I definitely want to plan a trip back.


My mom and I on Broadway Street in Nashville, TN


Posing in front of Florida Georgia Line’s bar! Sadly I’m not old enough to get in yet.



Arriving at in Seaside the following afternoon, my mom and I immediately dragged our beach chairs down to the shore. Hearing the soothing sound of the waves made the 15 hour drive worth it. A hectic summer spent moving, and working was instantly forgotten. We were relaxed.


One beach necessity are boogie boards. They are great for riding the waves, or just floating in the Gulf. My family always picks ours up at Five Below. They’re cute, cheap, and you can just throw them away at the end of the week.


Aside from lounging on the beach, a popular activity in Seaside is biking. Driving down 30A you’ll see hundreds of pastel bikes. It’s the preferred method of travel. My brother and I love biking to the other beach communities and looking at all the colorful houses as we ride.



While working on my tan, I got a lot of reading done. (Check out my Summer Books Reading list post) I read three books in a week!



Part of what this makes this town so special is the fashion. The southern women dress up every night to go into town, and Lilly Pulitzer can be seen on every corner. I of course, jumped in and wore a variety of different Lilly.








I like to think there are no calories on vacation. And I definitely took advantage of that.

One of the best parts of Seaside is the lack of chain restaurants. Though that means no Starbucks, it means that there are no floresant street signs or golden arches on every corner.


The Pop Shop is a necessity in the Florida heat. Their shop is cute and colorful and complete with seventy different popsicle favors. All homemade!



Pickles is a famous hamburger shop right off 30A in Seaside. You’ll always see a line at this place, and it’s well worth it! Check out their cute fries!



I’ve seen these coconut drinks for years and I finally got one on this trip. Let me tell you, coconut water is nasty. No one in my family could drink it. But it made for cute pics!


Yes, there’s a grilled cheese food truck! Heaven!!


The town of Seaside has a line of food trucks complete with BBQ, grilled cheese, and snow cones. Frost Bites is a vacation staple. And can you believe this is a small!



If the beach isn’t your thing. There is still plenty to do. 30A is home to multiple small town beach communities, each filled with local boutiques and shops. We always take a day to visit Rosemary Beach and Watercolor, to look at the Lilly Pulitzer store, art stores and t-shirt shops. I definitely left the week with way to many t-shirts.


Seaside, Florida is defiantly my favorite place in the world. It’s where I get to relax with my family and make long lasting memories. I get to take a break from the craziness of my daily routine and truly embody the small town life. Couldn’t recommend this place more for your next vacation, and I can’t wait to go back!




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