High School Advice / My Advice to High School Students

I would say I had a positive high school experience. It was no high school musical, and no I didn’t find Troy Bolton, but I had a solid group of friends and joined different clubs that made my four years enjoyable. 

As I move on into college, there are some little things I would have done differently that might have helped where I’m at now. If you’re still in high school, here are some of my tips that I wish I had known earlier.


Stick with Your Foreign Language!

I took French for three years in high school, and it was awful. It was my worst grade on my report cards, and I barely understood anything. No matter how much I studied. So, I decided just to drop it all together. Big mistake.

Now in college, I am required to take foreign language again since I didn’t take it all four years in high school. Had I just taken one more year of French, I would have received the college credit. No AP test required.


Don’t Stress about all Honors and AP classes

I was about as average as you can get. 90% of my classes were at the regular level. I got A’s but felt insignificant to my friends who were in all AP. Now in college I realized that what you took in high school doesn’t matter.

Unless you can pass the AP test with a 4 or 5, most of the time you won’t receive college credit. Just an additional amount of stress. Instead pick harder classes in subject areas you actually have an interest in. If you love science, take AP Bio. It might help you pick a college major.

Story Time: The only honors class I took senior year of high school was Honors Journalism. I could have added AP Statistics or AP Physics but I didn’t want too. Simple as that. I wanted to have a fun senior year. I chose a class that I loved and went as far as I could with it. I knew I wanted to major in journalism in college, and wanted all the experience I could get. I prioritized my time to what was important to me. Not to what all my friends were taking.


Your GPA Does Matter- Even as a Freshman

Freshman year it’s important to start off your high school career off strong. Before you add the tougher courses of the coming semesters, get A’s in the easier classes now. It matters more than you think.

Your GPA determines if you get into the college of your dreams, scholarships; even sororities look at your GPA! What you do now will impact your college career and opportunities available to you, start strong.


Stay Out of Drama

As girls, we can’t help but attract drama. It’s part of our nature. But I’m here as living proof that your life is so much easier without it. My advice: Learn to let things go. Don’t talk about people behind their backs. Be kind. Sounds like a kindergarten lesson, but it seems that most teenage girls have forgotten it.

I personally was friends with mostly boys in high school. Which was great, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Boys didn’t care that Lucy stole Claire’s boyfriend, or that Stacy’s homecoming dress was unflattering. I was able to sneak out of high school without being involved in drama, which I believe is the reason I liked high school.


Enjoy It!

I know it’s easier to think that college will be amazing. And it will, but don’t rush out of high school. Believe it or not, high school will be one of the simplest times of your lives. Structured schedule, parents around, smaller classes, easier classes.

Rather than wish for college, enjoy high school. Go to the home football game, be a part of student council, volunteer to build the homecoming float. These little moments will be ones to look back on. The four years fly by way faster than you think, and these memories will last a lifetime. Rather than sulking and choosing to hate high school. Find one thing that makes the 8 hours bearable. Whether it’s a best friend, a class, after school activity, there’s something for everyone.




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