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Preppy Back to School Supplies! What’s in my Backpack College Edition!

The best part about back to school shopping is obviously all the new school supplies. Now that I’m in college I don’t need as many things as I used to, but a Lilly Pulitzer agenda is always on the list.

As a college student, I get to decide how I want to take notes and be organized. Personally, I like to handwrite my notes, and purchased cute notebooks and folders to hold everything in. But others may prefer to type on their laptop.


Lilly Pulitzer is my go to, to add fun and “preppy” touch to my school supplies. Something about those colorful patterns make taking notes less dreadful. This year, I have three Lilly printed notebooks from YOUniquePlanners on Etsy, along with my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and Lilly Swell bottle to stay hydrated. I might be just a tad obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer. Just a bit.


My favorite pens to use in my agenda are the Paper Mate Flair pens. As a sufferer of the left-handed smear, I am a pen snob. No gel pens for me. I buy mine at Target and they never smear or bleed through the pages. Plus they come in a bunch of colors.

Notecards and Post It’s are my favorite way to study. I always mark up my textbooks with  Post Its notes because when you’re renting, you can’t exactly write on the pages.

My backpack isn’t complete without my Macbook Air. Obviously, it’s covered in fun stickers. (Check out my Where I Get my Laptop Stickers post! to see!) I absolutely love this computer. As a communications major and blogger, I do a lot of writing and designing. This offers everything I need and I love that it easily connects to my iPhone.

I hope y’all have an amazing school year! Let me know what are your back to school essentials!




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