About Me

Hey y’all! Thank you so much for reading. Writing is truly something that has made me happy in my life and I love that I can share it with all of you! On here, we have fun talking about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I defiantly love the “preppy” classic style and try to embody it everyday in my wardrobe. But I like to think my style is classic with pops of color. I absolutely love my purple Kate Spade purse that pops with any outfit!

A little about me. I’m a college student studying communications and journalism. I would love to work in a big city one day writing for a fashion magazine. Until then I’ll be posting here!img_0588

I’m also a certified makeup artist and do wedding and event makeup. I love talking to others and getting able to be apart of their special day. It allows me to be artistic and bring out their inner beauty and confidence with just a few swipes of powder.

If you’d like to know more, check out my Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!