My Haircare Routine / How I Grew My Hair Long

My long hair is a part of who I am. I’m known as the girl with long brown hair. Recently, I decided to add in some blonder highlights to my hair. But length is something I will not compromise on.

Taking good care of my hair is something I pride myself on. And I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you.


High End Makeup Products Worth the Hype

My love of makeup started at a very young age. At age 10, I would spend all my babysitting money at Ulta on OPI nail polish. I received my first high-end eyeshadow palette in seventh grade and wore eye shadow to school every day. (Let’s not relive those pictures) So, it really wasn’t a surprise that I grew into the makeup hording girl I am today.


I’m a Certified Makeup Artist!

12 weeks ago, I started taking classes with Emily Miller Makeup to become a certified makeup artist. I learned about skin tones, eye shape, airbrush, and the trick to putting on fake lashes. Only once did I glue someone’s eye shut, pretty big accomplishment I think.

Never did I think that this class would teach me about myself. I feel confident and capable of creating something great. I’ve always had a secret obsession with makeup, and now I feel better about sharing it.

So, here are my four beautiful models (thank you if you’re reading this). Each was airbrushed, and is wearing a pair of the Kiss 03 lashes for an extra pop.


Affordable Dupe for Becca Cosmetics Highlighters / Dupe for Moonstone & Champagne Pop

The cult favorite of YouTube, and Sephora bestseller are the Becca highlighters. I’ve bit the expensive bullet twice and purchased the highlight in the shades Moonstone and Champaign Pop. I do not regret purchasing as they are beautiful and add the perfect glow to the skin.

I could say just run out and buy them yourself, but that wouldn’t fit the purpose of this blog post would it?


Unboxing My February Sephora Play Box

I’m a sucker for makeup subscription boxes. I was subscribed to Ipsy for almost two years before switching over to the Sephora Play box. If you don’t know, the Play box is $10 a month and includes 5 beauty products and a perfume sample each month. Everything inside can be found at Sephora and it even comes with a card for an additional 50 points to your rewards account. So basically it’s free!