Last Minute Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me, then you waited till the week before Christmas to get everyone’s presents. And if you’re reading this post, well then you waited until the very last day. With store shelves cleared, a very little money in your wallet, what can you possibly get for your friends and family?

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Dorm Rooms: Girls vs. Guys

It’s funny how different girls and boys dorm rooms are. Girls spend all summer planning their rooms: coordinating with their roommate, choosing a color scheme, matching bedding, wall art, the works. While boys well, their moms pretty much buy it all.


High School Advice / My Advice to High School Students

I would say I had a positive high school experience. It was no high school musical, and no I didn’t find Troy Bolton, but I had a solid group of friends and joined different clubs that made my four years enjoyable.  As I move on into college, there are some little things I would have…… Continue reading High School Advice / My Advice to High School Students